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We will focus on the placement of your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and your Ascendant in this workshop and the aspects between them.

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Additionally, we will take a brief look at some of the more esoteric meanings of these planets and signs. You can download a free natal chart from Cafe Astrology here for the workshop! This event will be at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Your natal astrology chart can reveal a lot about characteristics of careers that you might enjoy, and about other jobs that you might not resonate with. This can be very helpful if you feel stuck and not sure what direction to take. In this workshop, we will look at a few of the houses, planets, and aspects that relate most strongly to career choices and how you can interpret your chart to gain insights into career paths.

Email address:. This Veuus-Mars conjunction activates the Sacred Geometry in my chart.

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You can see that my natal Venus, Neptune and Mars forms a right angle triangle, known as the Achievement Triangle. This shows that Prince activates these areas in my life; intuition, sexuality, and artistic endeavours. This shows a strong spiritual bond between us. It is in the sign of Sagittarius, which shows a grater intensity for our spiritual connection. They are in the sign of Scorpio.

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This aspect shows a strong spiritual connection and shared interest in discovering occult knowledge. Having the Jupiter in Scorpio says that this man would be mysterious and it would also say that a marriage could take place in secret. Also, to determine another aspect of the marriage partner, you would look in the 7th House.

My 7th House is in the sign of Aquarius. This shows that my partner would be considered unusual and unconventional so as if P was not unconventional enough in life, add to the fact that we are joined as spirit and mortal in our partnership.

Twin Flame Astrology Calculator: Venus & Mars

And I am a Taurus. And his 7th House is in the sign of Taurus. His natal Mercury is situated in his 7th House, in the sign of Gemini. This says that he would seek out someone who is twin-like to him. And you will know, that in life, he was always searching for his twin counterpart.

As mentioned above, both our natal Mercury are conjunct in Gemini, which emphasizes our twin-like similarities. And another twin-like feature between us is that we are both born in the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac. I have consulted with another astrologer for a second opinion.

She outlined some of the points that I have made above. As long as you trust the website, it is on and the people who made it, most calculators should be mostly accurate. It should also be noted that astrology is not the primary way you should be discovering your twin flame.


There are plenty of other signs you can look for first, and there is an excellent chance you know through your intuition whether your partner is your mirror soul or not. These tools are far more useful for discovering the challenges that can face you along the way — and as a fun way of confirming what you already know about the specialness of your relationship.

What Is a Soulmate? What Is a Twin Flame? An Introduction to the Life-Changing Connections

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