December 25 to december 25 horoscope

The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Neptune gracing you with a compassionate, helpful, thoughtful and reasonable nature. If you have this birthday you tend to greatly value your privacy and usually refuse to compromise on personal principles. In spite of this appreciation of space and morals you are also extremely communicative and a wonderful listener too. A mix of intense determination and dreamy thought you are often drawn to mysteries in an attempt to try and solve them.

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Intuitive and slightly impulsive you are ordinarily fond of variety, music, dance and travel. Individuals with a December the twenty fifth birthday are likely to have high expectations of themselves and others and as a result can be occasionally overly serious, moody, reserved or restless. Purposeful and prudent you have a strong need to feel useful and efficient. An avid concern for earning a comfortable living standard usually drives the career choices popular to a person born on the twenty fifth of December.

In addition to this any occupation that indulges your keenness to increase your knowledge will be most personally satisfying and enjoyable. You like to cheer other people up with a combination your wittiness and positivity making you a lovely workmate. Your usual 'easy come, easy go' attitude to money is predicted to be accompanied by plenty of good luck therefore you appear to have few major problems financially.

Favorable investments concerning domestic or commercial property are a big probability. For a Capricorn, the person born on the twenty fifth day of December is typically someone with a deep need to be loved but also some difficulty displaying emotions. Although rather sensitive to rejection concerning affairs of the heart you will persist in your efforts for an individual you believe is your destined soul mate.

In spite of your outward self sufficiency you possess lots of sympathy and tenderness making you a very loving and supportive partner in a long term relationship. Intellectual rapport, complete trust and clear communication are important to you as well as a partner's understanding of your desire for solitude once in a while. You may consider your lusty sex drive to be a bit of a weakness so you need a lover who is capable of coaxing you into fully exploring and expressing your sexuality. You are not really romantic but your excellent memory guides you to be sentimental about love anniversaries.

Being fairly motivated to exercise regularly and watch what they eat is highly beneficial to the anticipated normal healthiness experienced by those born on December 25th. This healthy approach helps you to maintain a general sense of body and mind fitness and well being. Calcium intake has lots of importance within your diet to avert a potential proneness for brittle bones in your later years.

Horoscope: December 25, 2018

Excesses of caffeine and alcohol should be avoided as they could be especially detrimental to your overall vitality. People born on this day should also remember to aim to include regular visits to the dentist and optician in their usual health routine. Your main strengths of character are probably seen in your bold reliable helpfulness and thoughtfulness as these qualities are a perfect match for your ample degrees of seriousness. Your fabulous communication skills and intuition are additional fortes that assist you to satisfy your keen sense of purpose. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 25th could be linked to an unwanted disturbance or a challenge to your moralistic philosophy and standards.

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Your negative traits of restlessness and moodiness will present in these circumstances as you are likely to adopt a surprisingly stubborn response in order to express your annoyance. Being born on the 25th of December means you are inclined to be full of ambition yet sometimes lack a motive to set specific definite goals. Achieving an aspiration is often a lot easier if you have an added emotional or materialistic reason to succeed.

Setbacks may be a little disappointing but this does not usually deter you from your desired intentions. Dreams can be connected to your touch of dreaminess and possibly feature sexual fantasies. As you were born on the twenty fifth day of the month the two and five in your birth date add up to give you a Root number of Seven. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Mystery' relating to your attraction to anything unexplainable or unusual. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 7th card symbolizing the Chariot is associated with your birthday.

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 25

This is an indication of your logical thought and reasoning in addition to the power of your mind to shape your own destiny. The lucky gemstone for December the twenty fifth birthdays is Jade, wear it for a supposed increase in calmness, fertility, wealth and personal happiness. Astrologically speaking the planet Saturn's influence is believed the strongest influence on the probabilities of all Capricorn personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty fifth of December is governed by the authority of Neptune's presence giving an explanation for your differences form other zodiac goats.

Your rational reasoning, efficiency and ability to listen intently are starred to serve you well throughout life. Your skill at effective time keeping along with your many interests and wishes indicates that you will rarely be bored. An ending thought forpeople born on December the 25th is to be realistic in all you do and always remain open to the art of compromising to truly follow your fate.


Their main task is to make room for unconditional love, certain about the boundaries and fences they can create. Belief in self-protection will allow flexibility and a free emotional flow when the moment is right, instead of fear holding them behind walls against those who never endangered them in the first place.

Communication is an extremely important part of their bonds, and the need for laughter and shared moments that bring joy needs to be put above their need for security. They are meant to seek another child at heart to connect with, someone pure and loving, so they can protect their romance in unity, instead of protecting their heart from a wrong partner.

December 25th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Someone born on December 25th is an incredible spokesman, profiler, a writer, and the one to use words for practical gain. They are intelligent problem solvers, scientists, programmers, and those who fix mistakes in large systems and software that feels tedious to many others. They excel in routines that require loads of paperwork, but truly need a job that will allow them to connect with others and work on communication skills that will become useful on a much larger scale over time. They have a message to share and need to follow their gut feeling every step of the way.

Siberian blue quartz is an extremely good choice of crystal for someone born on December 25th. Although they will prefer all things natural, this stone represents unified work of men with nature, as it is produced by human effort in a laboratory, but still holds the aligning natural healing qualities as other gemstones. The very essence of this crystal is its pull to connect the human mind with the natural flow, and it is known to help with unbalanced conditions of the prefrontal lobes of the brain.

It heals infections of the throat and the spasm of neck muscles, cleansing the throat chakra from poses and dishonesties in one's way of self-expression. For a birthday of Capricorns born on the 25th of December, you can always choose a new book, some tools and practical gadgets, a new phone, laptop or a car.

They love things they can touch and use in their everyday life. It is sometimes a good choice to ask directly what they wish to get for their birthday. Still, their soft side truly cherishes presents that are just a bit cheesy, little messages of love hidden on the last page of a new novel they wanted to read, and engravings that bring out the solid and deep importance of their presence in your life. Subtly show their deep, actual value.

You want to live well and without financial limitations. You have the drive and the willpower to prosper; you need to use it, however. Test Now! The December 25th birthday meaning shows that you are remarkably smart and it is likely that you will have a top position in administration or business. Buying and selling property is always a popular method of making huge profits. However, your aptitude is saying that you could be a doctor. As the December 25 zodiac sign is Capricorn, chances are you are the epitome of being cool, calm and collected.

December 25 Zodiac Sign

You have special abilities that could be considered as above average. I mean, you may have divine qualities and not know it, my friend. You have a lot going on for yourself, but you may need a push in that direction. Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 With a supportive and strong partner, the December 25 birthday personality can reach heights without limitations.

Famous people were once unknown people from down the street.

Hey there!

You are just like those people. Get a hold of your health as you will need to eat properly to have strength. Your ruling planet is Saturn that symbolizes the different definitions in our life and reminds us to stay within our limits. This card symbolizes self-assertion and willpower needed to become successful. Number 1 — This number stands for a pioneer with a courageous and motivational spirit. Number 7 — This is a number that is symbolic of solitude, analysis, research, and scientific mind. Indigo: This is a color of imagination, perception, transformation and selfless love.

Sea Green: This is a color that stands for expanse, freedom, calmness, and loyalty.

Monday — This day ruled by the Moon shows your caring and nurturing attitude, behavior, and reactions. Saturday — This day ruled by Saturn is symbolic of significant efforts needed to come out a victor in life.