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The Secret Serendipity community is so full of giving, loving people, and the fastest growing part of our little spiritual world has been our suggestions for Gifts for the Spiritual. Our free monthly horoscopes are published months in advance, and are created for each sign of the zodiac. Each monthly horoscope is broken down into multiple parts, including monthly astrological events, a key spiritual concept for the months, and includes both text and video content.

Our free horoscopes can help us discover the spiritual meaning of our Zodiac sign, and the necessity of being in balance with the glory of the Moon and the radiance of the Sun. Planets are constantly influencing our actions and our reactions. Their changing frequencies can bring good and bad results in our life. September Monthly Horoscopes. Secret Serendipity has prepared Daily Astrology for the entire year.

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Each month, we feature daily astrology for each day. This daily astrology includes information for people born on each day. Daily horoscopes could be the tool we need to assist us when we are upset or confused about what is happening around us. It can guide us to a better insight of day-to-day struggles and help us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings.

It is very important that we should try to understand ourselves and each other. You can go to great lengths to find romance if you are single or your marriage is unsatisfying. You may try to fill the gap with one night stands and affairs but eventually, this fails to satisfy your ceaseless need for love and affection.

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You are socially popular, charming and very attractive. You are a beautiful person and love being surrounded by fine things. You aspire to be well off and to live a simple life of comfort and ease. You should enjoy the company of a wide circle of friends and have plenty of admirers.

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However, In your quest for pleasure, you have a tendency to be ignorant of the needs of other people. You need that euphoric feeling that comes from the release of pleasure chemicals in your brain. Sometimes nothing else matters and you may appear greedy and wasteful. However, the lack of intimacy and romance in her life led to depression and moodiness. Moon square Venus transit increases your need for pleasure through love and affection.

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You should feel sociable, romantic, sensual and sentimental. However, sometimes you can be careless, moody or self-indulgent. If your love life were to suffer you would then feel sad and lonely.

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You will probably find it hard to get motivated for any difficult or challenging tasks such as going to work. A much better option is to seek pleasure through friendship or activities that bring you joy. A healthy relationship may undergo some slightly uncomfortable moments, This can easily be remedied by making an extra effort to please your lover and compromise to maintain harmony.

Unsatisfying relationships may suffer from disloyalty or other forms of disrespect. Trying to satisfy your need for intimacy with a stranger would cause problems because of your carelessness and low standards. A new romance now would be challenging but not impossible. There would be a number of tests to pass in order to be sure of mutual love, respect, and loyalty. When seeking pleasure be mindful of a tendency to overdo things. Self-indulgence, greed, and laziness would not make you look so beautiful. Avoid impulse buying and leave your credit card at home. Yep this sounds tough and I truly feel the sadness and frustration this may cause and affect having a love life or love of life, not that I agree with life being a competitive game as it had becone, but I somehow think may be my moon in Libra in 12th house inconjunct my Venus in Taurus in 7th, has me well in the running for the title of the biggest liser lol!

I somehow realized while I was observing my friends with such natal aspect that they want the things they dont need and when they get what they really need they reject it going after the things in life they crave for. I have felt objectified for as long as I can remember because I never had clear messages from my parents.

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Growing up I was considered ugly actually…funny enough. I only started really being seen as pretty when I left secondary school, after age 16 or so.

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However by then I still had never really mastered the art of self esteem. I learned something from them plus none of them treated me badly it just was me wanting to be loved and them just seeming to be stuck on my looks or whatever they were attracted to..

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