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Unlike most Capricorns, they enjoy taking risks. They may have some disappointments in. In the family, December 29 people are either the golden child or the black sheep. Other family members will find them lovable or infuriating, depending on the mood. They are compassionate parents because they remember what it was like to be a child. They don't demand the impossible from their youngsters. The same extremes that exist in other aspects of their lives often occur in health matters for December 29 people. They are either extremely careful about their health or amazingly unconcerned.

Their emotional condition often dictates just how well they take care of themselves. Jupiter changes sign and enters its own sign Sagittarius on Nov 8. Friendships are graced with the benefic influence of Jupiter this year, so you should feel supported by your closest friends as well as the new ones you make.

You might not even care too much about finding a partner if you are single, however a friend made now could turn into something more further down the line. This is certainly not a time to be selfish, and you will want to share this platonic love with others who may be lonely and need drawing out of their hermit shell.

So from experiencing this sense of community with your own peers, you will be inspired to create communities for others. No outer planets are messing with your mind just yet. Instead you start the year with a loving Venus conjunction from Jan 18 to This gives you uncomplicated pleasures and a window of time where you can just enjoy yourself and not think too much. The Ceres opposition from Feb 19 to Apr 17 in your marriage house can work in a positive or negative way. It could bring a healer into your life who discourages you from achieving pentacles in the material sense.

Instead they are all about the spiritual pentagram of wisdom. In the end this can manifest in material security, but it is not the end goal.

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You might also collaborate with someone who is very interested in working with earth energies and ecology. Spending time in nature with someone you love will work wonders for your relationship. This healing time is essential just before the awkward moments of the Venus square from Apr 2 to 6. You can always use this aesthetically pleasing aspect to work on art projects and anything that demands good design.

Squares love to be channelled into projects that need some elbow grease. After all that scrubbing and scouring you can enjoy the Venus trine from Apr 26 to Again take the time to have some fun, Venus is always about balancing your life between socialising and being creative with training hard and deferring gratification. Venus comes along just when you feel like you need to sit in a pretty garden, feast your eyes on colour and breathe in the perfume.

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Now the main transit of the year when Uranus enters Taurus on May 15 to square your decan all the way until Nov 6. More about Uranus in the second half of the year when it goes retrograde. You go from fresh water waterfalls to roaring fires then with the Mars conjunction from May 22 to Jun 9. You will be filled with energy and passion which you can now plough into ambitious projects. If you are a home maker then this will heat up the kitchen ready to invite guests.

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At this time you function as a hub for the family to get together and affirm their bonds. Then the goddess of love enters your marriage house with the Venus opposition from Jun 16 to The focus is on giving to others. Another way to use Venus would be to get some groups together and switch on your social life. At this time you make a fantastic facilitator and host for others. Around Jun 21 Venus is opposite Mars and you may feel pulled in two directions.

July Onwards. By now you should be really feeling the winds of change blowing hard from the Uranus square and this effect will be felt strongly until Nov 6 when Uranus will briefly retrograde back into Aries for a short while. Now you have to prepare for a year of awakenings, shocks, surprises, excitements and big change.

You will want to uproot yourself and possibly move away to pastures new. Uranus is like the menopause, or maybe it will actually BE the menopause, for this transit can feel a bit like a midlife crisis even if you are only in your 20s or 30s. This period is also like the Fool card in the tarot. All possibilities are open to you and it might feel like you are heading towards the edge of a cliff at various points. Just keep your wits about you because falling off metaphorical cliffs is very easy to do at this time.

Planning your life will be impossible as there is just too many options and too many spanners being thrown in the works. But these are not bad spanners! In fact they are much needed destiny points that are shaking you from stagnation. Surprisingly, Aquarians actually hate change since Saturn is their ancient ruler and they are a fixed sign.

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Aquarians can resist necessary change to the point that when it does happen it becomes quite spectacular as a rebound reaction to being suppressed for so long. Back to nature now with the nurturing Ceres trine from Jul 1 to This prepares you for the zap from the Lunar Eclipse conjunction on Jul With the eclipse and Uranus you will need to be very grounded to avoid feeling wired so take advantage of the Ceres trine while you have it.

You have a huge amount of transits during this part of the year so you will be kept very busy!

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The rollercoaster starts with the Mars conjunction from Jul 13 to Aug You should have a ton of energy with the double dose of Mars retrograde in your sign on Jun This will be both enriching and empowering as this is a very Plutonic type of transit. You could find that your confidence brings wealth too as you will not fear speaking your truth.

Avoiding the illuminated path could result in some shocking news. After that you can loosen your hair and enjoy the Venus trine from Aug 9 to 14 for a romantic interlude. The witchy L ilith conjunction from Aug 28 to Oct 13 complements the Uranian energy very well where you can work your manifesting energy into making the world a more honest place. All that means is speaking from the heart and the Ceres trine from Sep 11 to 22 will really help open your heart chakra centre in alignment with the earth. This is why it is always so important to spend time in nature.

The Venus square from Sep 13 to 22 is also another opportunity to revamp the way you approach relationships. You get a double dose of the goddess of love with the Venus Retrograde square from Oct 18 to There is a huge amount of renovation going on this year, so that you will be a totally new person in There is now a treat of the Jupiter sextile from Nov 8 to Dec This will give you a taster of more joyful and humorous approaches to problems next year with Jupiter fully settled in Sagittarius.

The Ceres square from Nov 17 to 29 could see you suffering minor digestive issues due to the stress of so much change happening all at once. The Venus square is a minor annoyance before Christmas from Dec 6 to 13 , which might be about planning what to do with awkward relatives.

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You have the ease of no outer planets messing with your mind at all this year. So life is simple with the usual ups and downs of the lesser transits which are easy to cope with on their own. You do have the remainder of the Jupiter square from Jan 1 to 20, but nothing really major. Use its energy to put into projects that need some boldness. Jupiter does tend to exaggerate and push big ideas to their very limits. At the same time you have the turbo-charged Mars square from Jan 1 to 9. Together these powerhouse transits can drive you forward with projects that demand great self-confidence and some bare-faced cheek.

All this before the Lunar eclipse opposition in your marriage house on Jan This will be great for shining a glaring spotlight over any stagnant energy in relationships.

So the next 3 months you will get a refreshing breeze of hope and happiness in all unions with others, romantic or otherwise. It is interesting that the Ceres opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 6 is also in your marriage house because this could be helpful, healing advice from a counsellor. The Venus conjunction from Jan 26 to Feb 2 also repairs fractured relationships and you will be feeling more tolerant and loving. The Venus square from Apr 8 to 15 is a lot less tolerant though! You might want to spend time alone working on art projects while the square gives you some sharp edges to chisel with.

But you would also have missed out on a number of opportunities that only travel by crooked and backtracking paths. Daily Horoscope. What is in the stars for you Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. Horoscope for Wednesday, Dec. Spinning toward the dark of the year like a ballet dancer in his prime, you find you love the shifting view even as you deplore the necessity of instability.

What you believe in and what you do have everything to do with your choice of where and how you work. Now more than ever, you want to evaluate how to link your paycheck to building the community you would most like to enjoy as your own. Peace in your time? Experiment with taupe and celadon. Sing as you go, under your breath. Sing to stir up the limbic juices.

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So much the better if you can add some dance moves to the singing. Build your immune system using these techniques as your personal yoga. So pick yourself up and get going. Wear silver for serenity.