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Why the hell are we saying sorry for standing up for ourselves???

Full Moon New Years Day January 1st, 2018 - True Sidereal Astrology

No excuses! Thank you MM for patience with us all and for carrying on with love. Leroy says:. Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. The question is, Why now? We must begin listening to the body and heeding its wisdom. Love and value all you do for us. Jenn says: Jan 16, Reply.

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Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful New Moon. Marla says: Jan 16, Reply. OMG Love your blog!

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You are adorable and a breath of fresh air! CyndiC says: Jan 16, Reply. Eternally grateful for you love and willingness to share!!! Happy new Moon! Dinah says: Jan 16, Reply. Thank you:. Wow your art is beautiful!

LeQuan Silas says: Jan 16, Reply. Happy New Moon everyone. Nadine Lee says: Jan 16, Reply. So attuned wow! Cynthia Brissette says: Jan 16, Reply. Thank you…I appreciate how inspiring your readings are and am full of gratitude. Allison says: Jan 16, Reply. New Moon blessings to all! Thank you MM for another dose of energetic inspiration Xx. Louise says: Jan 16, Reply. Lucy says: Jan 16, Reply. Thank you so much for sharing! With Love to you all x. Also try your birthday with the current year to get this years Moon Phase and Sign.

Throughout the history of the Earth, the Moon has been a major influence on the evolution of the land, ocean and life. For Billions of years the Moon has been stirring the oceans in its never ending orbit. Scientist believe life itself may not have been possible without the Moon's tidal mixing of the oceans that created the complex chemical compounds that were necessary for life to begin.

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It makes sense that our lives today are influenced by the Moon Phase, position and proximity to Earth. Doctors and Nurses dread the Full Moon each month when the emergency rooms are filled with people giving birth. Read on! What the influence does the lunar phases of the New Moon have on our bodies and minds?

  2. Aries (March 21 - April 19)?
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  4. How can we make the most out of the New Moon cycle? New Moon contents: When is the next New Moon? October 28, New Moon October 28 in Scorpio is a special Lunar event that will energize your month. What does the New Moon do?

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    Will the next New Moon bring you love? Ask one of our Psychic experts to find out for sure! Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0.

    Moon Phases: How Does The New Moon Affect Us?

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    A Dramatic Full Moon Is Coming for Your Weekend, if Not Your Whole Year

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