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Great reader with excellent i Experts are not employees or representatives of MyPsychicAdvice. PsychicRelationship in on 9 Oct i can guide u right path of love and relationship want to know any thing about any one life reviews. Will I have my dream house in future?

Regards, Prashant. I Want to know about my career and job prospects, my birth place is Ahmedabad and birth-date July E last sem. Respected sir namaskar my name is Archana D. Hi sir…. My name is vaishali Sejpal. Mare phle the ichha poletics ma java ne 6e hu nana paye kareykar bjp ma 6u to su full time kam karu?

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Maru futcher bright thase politecs ma plz jawab ne rah 6e hal ma hu baroda ma 6u. Time pm. Just I want to be an IAS officer. Tell me about my astrology.

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MY email id :dkjastr yahoo. Respected sir! I have problem realeted to my study and carrier……….. About my lifepartner…. My dob time of birth place:rajkot. My Question is Last 3 year , I am not satishfied in my job , also I have to change my job during this period. I want build my career but I do not find my path. Can you help on this. Dear sir, my name is bhargav. Kalpesh Kathiriya Name:Kalpesh D. Name — PIYUSH dob- time — pm place — rajkot gujarat mera jeevan kisa rahenga or mere sadi kab hongi maine sani or chandr ke stone phene hue he.

Give some remides Very kind Daxesh. Namaste, i am manglik boy and i want to marry non-manglik girl. My name is Vrajesh Joshi, Birth Date I have no job, no bank balance, no own house and two children studying engineering. Hence facing survival problem as well as finance for children education. Please guide me.

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My name is Ekta. Birth date is Ahmedabad mara marriege kyare thase? My daughters DOB is 11 th dec time a. N birth place is anand guj c has so much health problem has c balarishta yoga? If yes than pls give me remedies. Plz ans me. Jayesh Desai, Surat, India.

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Email: desaijayesh57 gmail. Surendranagar State :Gujrat Country :India. And Janam Time Mornig 7. E-Mail : trivedipravin4 gmail. Mari dob.. Problem mara divorse thai gaya 6. Hello Kapil Bhai… Jay Parsuram.. Ane ha tame mobile application banavi 6e? Jo ha to tene kevi rite download kari sakay. Jawab jarur aapaso. Tarak pandya. Namste maharaj. Bilimora-gujarat Lagna mahiti apjo. My name is JayeshKumar Vasudev Mistry ,And I From Gujrat sabarkantha my Birth Place is Bhiwandi MH Birth date is Time am, I Have need proper solution for life time for me because currently i am on 31 year age stage but i cant sattle in life as financially and and in marriage life life is total waste,no any single success in life whatever i do i cant success, first of all when i want to do something financial problem becomes obstacle in my path also my family chasing this situation,we cant made our personal home still, please give me some guidance and kindly clear my life path, me and my family tired due to lots of challenging by life, thanks i hope you will.

Dear sir My name is soloman. Mara lagna Mari janam tarikh 2. Mail Add. Pranam, My name is Nitin J. My main Problam is in this time i have 39 years but i am not setlement in any one place. Namaste Guruji, My name is Nitin J. Pandya I have born at sihor from Bhavnagar Dist.

Nitin Pandya, Hu atyar sudhima koi pan jagya par service long time kari sakto nathi koi na koi problem thi mare service chodvi pade che.. Sir, Mari Janam Kudali hu janava ,sir mahenat karu shu. Mari Janam Kudali hu janava. Sanjay prajapati.. Renuka ji tamari janam detail ane question mara mail id per mokalo. And Janam Time Namaste Mau bhavisya kevu chhe.

Ane mara lagna thase to kyare ane kya india ke abroad ma. Ratre place ahmedabad chhe hu abroad chhupan kai country mara mate sari rehse janavso ane hu kyare sattele thais and mara lagna thase to kya india or abroad. Please total life nu predic karso. Hello,Kapilji how r you. I like learn astrology.

There is a tough time going on for me. Can you please check for me and let me know till what time my tought time will be going on and what are the remedies, I should follow?.. My details are as below. My name : Chintan A. My Name is Kaushik Chaturbhai Patel. M Birth Place is Ahmedabad. My Question is 1. Maru aarthik rite bhavisya kevu 6? Maro videsh yog 6? My question is i am not suscess any time anywhere so what can i do. Have hu billkul kantali gai chhu. Maru nakki thay 6e ne kai problem ne lidhe bandh rahya so plz mane jana vo ke mara marriage kyare thase k pachhi avu j chalya karse.

To mara putra ni rashi kai kai aave? Nehal shah from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sir Mara Lagna Kayre Thase?? Ane Bhavshya Kevu Che? My name is Dipak. Hello Sir, this is wonderful post, so many thing which not even heard found at your post. Tame janam detail and problems send my mail. Hello Kapilbhai Dave. And Janam Time Mornig Mangalvar che. Pranam, maru naam Gaurang Suthar 6. How to survive in this situation as everyone is depended on me???

Maru naam Chetna Desai che. Mombasa Kenya Mari Janamkundli Janavo ane mara. Mombasa Kenya Mari Janamkundli Janavo ane mara lagan kyare thashe te pan janavo apno jawab mara email id upar mukaljo chetna-desai hotmail. And Janam Time Afternoon From Hemant PAtel. Please inform if any yoga in my kundali.. Hello Sir. My date of birith is Helo sir ….. My self asha kakadiya I m married.

My hbi hiren kakadiya. Kyare ……. Hello My name is Khushi and I have some personal problem could you please guide me sir,? I am Shailesh Patel my birthday 15 1 time AM, this life is money problem. I married not Childs my married time five year. Maru name sanjay chauhan chhe ane mari birth date chhe ane birth time early morning am chhe To mara lagna yog chalu chhek nai e janava vinati. I m sandip. Mane gusso bov j aave chhe.. And jyare gusso aave tyare mare su karvu joiye?

Pleas sir ans my que…. Sir Mara marriage ne 3 year thaya Che ghana pryatn pachi mare Santan nathi to mane janavso ke mare su pro. Hase mare dava pan chalu Che 2 3 jagya par jovravyu to kaheche pitru Che ap yogy margdarsan apso pls Mari b. Maro email kadach khulto nathi to sai pls mane Mara no. Par msg karso pla sir apno koi con. My name is Dharmendra Bhagat. Time Place Ahmedabad. Kindly help me. Skype id : tridentjewels. Jay mataji. Dear Sir maru name manish chhe. Maro sawal chhe k maru jivan kevo rahese? Mara marriage kerala varsh ni umare thase? Love marriage thase k arenge marriage?

Please mara email inbox ma jawab aapjo. My birth date Nov 8, Time- pm, wednesday, india. I m in usa. I m trying for marriage but not work out, so can I know when it will work out? What is problem? Their marriage is on very crutial stage. Please let me know their future. Specialy girl wants to get divorced. Dharshna ji tamari janam detail mara mail par mokalo. Ane hu professional jyotish nathi. Hu kundly joi ne kahu. Hello sir… I would like to know about the Kalsarp dosh and Grahan dosh in details.

Hello Sir My DoB Mari des ma property che je vadilo uparjit che ane badha e will mara nam uper karyu che pan milkat no prasna sultto nathi ane mare devu ganu che ane kamkaj barabar nathi. Kadi, Dist. Mehsana Gujarat. Latitude: Longitude: Mare love problam che to tame aa shamshiya no upay batavcho hu je chokri ne love karu chu amnu name vijya che ane to chu an. Mari job chuti gai che ane devu ghanus che tau human ama thi Kyar chudhi bahar aVish athva kai navu kam Kari sahku chu? Mukesh shah.

Birth place Vadodra. Which is suitable business? When I married? Date is : , B. Place : Nagpur. Time : At Night. Ek muskil jati he to dusri samne khadi hoti he!!! Ya to mera End bato ya meri muskilo lo ka. Sir maro Janm na Roj savare 5 vage thayo hato mara marrige kyare thase a janavso sir Rahul. Hello Sir, mare court case thayo 6e. Hu su karu……. Guruji I have no perfect date of birth and time I am 48 years. I am a govt servant. I want that my rest of future will remain bright and peaceful and financial sound. Dear sir, My name chirag k. Birth time — pm.

To mare nokri karvi joya k business. Marrage no kaya time ma yoge cha. Mari kundlima lagna sthan ma shani rahu ane chandra ni yuti chhe shinh lagna kundli chhe barma bhave etle kark rashi ni guru Surya budh ane sukra ni yuti chhe to hu kayu Ratna dharan karu to hu jene prem karu ene pami saku ane manne shanti mare. Jay AMBE. Hu ek Maharastian chu , pan mane Gujati lakhta , vachata avadeche,hu Kandivali west,mumbai Shatro Pramane Krram Anusar Vandan kone pahela karvu joiye?

Bhagwan, Mata, Pita, Guru, Desh ke jya vasta hoi ye …. My name Latesh. A karu chu. Hello sir Jay mataji mane a janvu che k mare government job no yog che k nathi ane che to kyare yog banse reply. Hello sir Jay mataji mane a janvu che k mare government job no yog che k nathi ane che to kyare yog banse birth time 5. Tamaro aabhari rahis. Maro question love no she me Dipal name no girls ne love karu su a pan kare she pan ave a mane na pade she ane mare ana jode marriage karva she to Mara merriage thase ana jode. Mari vife kayare pasi aavse ke pasi divorce these Hu janva mangu se mari vife nu name anjali se te mata pita need ghare se to e loko divorce karvanu key see to su anjali pasi aavse k nahi hu e janva mangu su.

Mari birthdate 12 dec che time Am birth place — jesar bhavnagar che. Mare carrier ane marriage vishe janvu che. Jay siyaram, Kark rashi na jatko mate shani ni sadasati no samay kyare Shru temaj kyrepuro thay 6 te janavava krupa karshoji. Rakesh h. Gujarati mo mail mokal Jo. Please send My Email id- rahulpatel Gmail. My name kamal my birthdate 17th March birth time 7.

Namste maru name divya che. Please jaldi ko mnee kem k. Dear sir, meri birthdate4. Place ankleshwar he. Me or mere husband 2 saal se alag rah rahe he. So pls Mujhe meri marriage life k baare me bataye. Dharrmendra Solanki Gujarat Says :mare nokri ni jarur che mne nokri j nathi malti hu 10 mahina thi rakhdu chu. SIr,mara love merried Chhe ane ghar valao ne khabar nathi amara banne na love married thai gaya chhe amara love married sakhsej jase,te mare janavu hatu…. Mare lagan ne 1 year thai gayu chhe mare only chhokaroj joiye chhe to mare su karvu joiye. Please reply fast ok.

My birthdate Birthday place surat Time 7pm Muje aapna study ka barama or marrige kab hoga. Devu bahu vadhi gayu chhe maari aavak karta tran ganu.

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Bahuj confuse thai gayo chhu. Jai mhadev Muje meri helth or welth dono k bare me janna hei…plz. Dear kapil sir hu chela 3 month thi bv tension ma chu plzz mane samjatu tu nathi mari jode km aavu thay che mara badha kam bagdi jay che hu loko nu saru karva mangu chu to pn bagdi jay che plzzz mane su prob che kaho mari b day date Che plzz sir ans aapjo gujarati ma aapjo plz sir.

Hiiii Sar Mari birthday 6e time p. And Janam Time Mornig 7 A. Hello Sir, Can u tell me My Future? Please i want to know about my future.. How my marriage life. Can I will go overseas. Hu atyare ahmedabad ma ek company ma job karu chhu SR. Kem vishwas karvo.

Namaskar sir Maruname parmar Hitendrasinh 6. Chikhli navsari gujarat. Krupa kari mari kundli janavjo. Mari janam data.. Mari birthday chhe.

Scorpio weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

Name- Gaurang vinodchandra Panchal place-Godhra Gujarat Time birth date somvati Amavsya pls mane job kyare malse e keso? Anss aapso. Mane koi proper source malto nathi. Mari janam tarikh PSI police officer kevi rite bani sakay temaj teni puri detail janavo temaj teni exam ma keva saval puchay te kanavo temaj tena karyo su hoy te pan janavo ane gujarati ma kavab aapva vinanti. Tatha koi pan tena vose gujarati ni website hoy to jana va vinanti. Koi lady bapor Pochi 2 vage pieiod ma avi to first day ketla vage saru thai and ketala vage puro Thai. And bijo divas ketla cage saru thayo ganay.

Mane janva malyu k jetla vage tame period ma avya hoy tyathi 24 kalak first day ganay. Shu a sachu chhe???? Mari birthdate che. Ane janam sawar na 5. M no che. Hu janva magu 6u ke mari life ma money ketli 6. Ane kyare malse. Shu Anne marrige pachi koi affaire thava I ahiya ta khali.

Please reply karo. Bhai mare evu chhe ke magaj par tantion bo rahe chhe kai pan kam ke koi nu pan to mare tantion free raheva su karvu pade? And Janam Time Night 10pM che. Bhavesh Patel. Meri janam kundali janna chahta hu meta b day me 10 rat ko baje huva h to mera puri Zindagi ke bareme bato mera job me kya hoga ya love marrage hogs ki arrange marrage plz bHavesh patel.

I need my own home it may be one room kitchen or any but it should be my ownership. I want to give everything to my daughter what ever she want. Please tel me about my future should I earn health, wealth and Property in future. Please do needfuly. MY email id :rosecmp yahoo. Me dasaama ke vrat karti hu. Kay muje pregnancy ke vrat bareme sochna chahiye.

Kay vrat bareme safal kehlayega. Maro saval Che ke bee dikra hoy emathi ek dikra ne gar Ni bar kadhi muke maa and bap to ema e dikra no shu vak? Brith Q-nokarima bathati kyare malashe. Dear Sir i am working contractual job that contract stop any time, now if i want to change the job is it possible and it is good time to change the job or i will get batter job or not. Me dt 05julay na dukan chalu kari se to tena bhavisay janavu se dukan ma jari kasab dhaga embrodariy matariyal nu vechan karu su mari barthdate Hello Sir Jay shri krishna..

Mari Birth date che Time Am che … MARO ans che Ke Mari Love life shu agal chalshe ke hu jene love karu chu a mane malshe ke ane maru agal nu future kevu hashe … Pls pls pls apna javab ni rah reshe thxx advance. Namaste kapil sir,. Sir maru dharelu 1 pan kam thatu nathi koi ne koi badha aavti hoy che balance thatu nathi marathi girlfriend bane che pan thoda time ma brakeup thai jay che to Please kai gaidance karo mari DOB time ni aaspas mithum rashi che mari. Mari birth date chhe to aap janavi aapso ke mare 12 ma std ni board no exam ma ketla presentage aavse.

Mari birth date chhe to aap janavi aapso mare 12 std ni board in exam ma ketla percentage aavse fast reply. Janm pramane mari rashi Min aave pan maru nam tula rasi par rakhel SE. Su aa ne karane Mara jivan ma koi fer far hoi sake? Biji vat sir, hal ma hu man ma khubj tanav mehsus kru su j nu niche mujab karno SE..

Aame ek garib parivar mathi sie aame khet majuri Karie 6ie,mare 2 beheno ane 1 Bhai SE hu sauthi MATO 6u,Mara mabap mane vadhu bhanavva magta hata hu hosuyar pan hato pan college nu 1vars karya pasi muki didhu,hu kai karva magto hato noukri mate khub try kareli Mara mata piata ni aasha mujab hu kai n kari sakyo to pan hu himmat nathi haryo praytno to karto rahu su..

Amari dosti koi ne pan irsa karave evi hati pan have su thyu hu … Saheb sree maha Kali amara kul devi SE hu temne man thi manu su,bas ena par visvas rakhu su k eni Krupa thi mari taklifo dur thase. Hu j melvva magu k Jena dvra hu khus thav I kem mari pase taki nathi reti ,,su takluf SE pls janavso.. My birth datechhe to aap janavi aapso board ni exam ma ketla percentage aavse and Mara merrage kona jode thse te pan janavjo please fast reply.

Mari janm tarikh che. Su aa year ma aavi jase?


Jai Mahadev. Meri Janam Kudali ke baare me janana chahta hu. Hi sir jay mataji dave sir.

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  • Mare janvu seke mare gavarment job. Kyare avse. Namskar sir , my name is supriya My birth time PM place -Padra vadodara ,Birthdate I love a guy his name is vivek pandya birth date , birthplace -Unja Patan ,time PM. Amara marriage thashe k nhi. Kyare thase?? Currently he suffering lots of heath problem. I request you to suggest what is to be done to come out from his health issue. Hello kapilsir. Hu atyare b. Me Internet par thi chemistry ma job options janya to mane janva malyu ke petroleum company ma job Mali shake.

    To petroleum company ma saru ke nahi ane saru to m. Petroleum company ma salery keeling hoi. Please sir mane answer apjo. Hello kapil sir. Me Internet par thi chemistry na job options janya to mane janva malyu ke petroleum company ma job male. To petroleum ma sir javai ke nahi means petroleum saru ke nahi. To mare petroleum java pahela shu karvu a mane Janavo. Prtroleum ma sallery stating ketli hoi ane pachhi ketli thy. Please give me answer. Mari umar 30 varsh 17 7 Mari wife ni umar 26 varsh 23 8 Amare bou anban reh che Amaru lagna hmda j 6 months pehla j thaya che Amre bou zagda jvu thay che nani nani babate Please koi upay batavso.

    Name — Darshak Shah D. Sir… jay matadi.