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There will be moments your mission to simplify life will go smoothly. Other times, you may feel like throwing in the towel. Stop looking at how far you have to go to cross the figurative finish line. Concentrate on dealing with one small step at a time. In matters of love, you have a harmonious relationship with great promise for growth on the horizon.

Want to know more about the suit of Pentacles? Looking for more predictions for Aries? The Three of Pentacles depicts a mason or artist hard at work. Two others look on with a document in hand: Perhaps blueprints, or a contract in the offing. The structure looks like a church or sacred space. Three coins are in the archway with one coin mounted on the other two, forming the shape of a triangle or pyramid.

Your artistic side shines this month, Taurus. Your natural eye for beauty inspires you and leaves you wanting to beautify the entire world. You might slap a coat or two of fresh paint in one or more rooms, or change up your current interior design. You feel particularly blessed when you realize the two of you are together, you create something far greater than when you are apart. The Chariot features a charioteer steering two sphinxes into battle: One black and the other white.

The charioteer holds a wand in his hand. He wears a full set of armor, with half-moons on each of his shoulders. A square appears on his chest plate. Behind him in the distance, appears a castle.


He wears a helmet featuring an eight-pointed star, and the drapery of the chariot depicts the starry cosmos. Use this time to restore your mind, body, and Spirit. Click to learn all about The Chariot Tarot Card! Looking for more predictions for Gemini? The Star card depicts a female water bearer. She is nude and kneeling by a body of water as she pours a jug of water into it.

The fresh water creates waves and depicts the ripple effect of her action. She holds a second jug pouring water onto the grass. As she kneels, one of her feet is in the water, implying her connection to the realm of emotions, imaginings, dreams, and the psychic senses.

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The other leg kneels on the land, showing her maintaining a balance between the tangible and intangible realms. There are eight stars in the sky, each of them featuring eight points. Wishes do come true this month, as you seem to manifest whatever you desire with great ease.

Hard work from the past pays off now. Existing relationships thrive and intensify. All things creative will attract you now. Click to learn all about The Star Tarot Card! Looking for more predictions for Cancer? There are also alchemical symbols for Earth, Fire, Water, and Air which align with four extended spokes. Each symbol represents one of the four elements and the Cups, Wands, Swords, or Pentacles suits of the Tarot. The winged figures align with one of four zodiac signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo. A serpent appears to be moving around the wheel in a counterclockwise direction, while the Egyptian God Anubis moves clockwise.

On top of the wheel is a Sphinx. The vibes for this month will energize you and have you believing in miracles once more. In work matters, you may strike out on your own as you rekindle the fires of your greatest passion. Looking for more predictions for Leo?

There are mountains below the hand holding the sword. Atop the blade is a crown signifying victory over tribulations, achieving clarity, and the discovery of truth. At work, you fulfill your duties and willingly take on more responsibilities. Those around you see you for who you are as your most authentic self shines.

Want to know more about the suit of Swords? Looking for more predictions for Virgo? The Five of Wands , when upright, depicts struggles and difficulties. Five males with rods in their hands are battling with each other. It suggests difficulty with communication, establishing a sense of balance, and conflicting thoughts on a matter of importance. When the card is upright, it may feel like the entire world, and everything in it is out to get you. Thank goodness, the Five of Wands comes up in reverse for October, Libra. It means you have no trouble maintaining the harmony and balance your soul craves.

Little things that have been bothering you will seem so trivial now. Want to know more about the suit of Wands? Looking for more predictions for Libra? The Six of Pentacles depicts a wealthy man doling out coins to two people in the act of generosity. Water sign Scorpio rules the astrological 8th house of sex, death, and rebirth making Scorpios compassionate and extremely intuitive.

The new Moon and Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Water sign Pisces, bringing strong insights and emotional understanding. Creativity is enhanced, and people are more idealistic. The new Moon and Sun sextile Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn for practical development that can further spiritual growth.

Pig is a generous soul with a good heart. The element Water adds kindness and empathy. Pig month is a time of peace making when kind actions are rewarded, and people can work together in harmony.

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Under the influence of fun and optimistic Pig, let the holidays begin! Pig appreciates a good party and all the fine things in life, especially good food. So eat, drink, be merry, and enjoy community. Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius for festive times and luck in love. Honest Pig can sometimes be naive, so be sure that no one takes advantage of you this month, especially in financial dealings. If feeling stressed, this Water Pig lunar month is ideal to take a healing vacation, relax, and not work so hard.

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If traveling, note that…. Traditionally in astrology, Mercury retrograde is a time of miscommunication, technology problems, and items lost or misplaced. But in this Earth Dog year, Mercury retrograde can be a time to follow through, keep your word, and complete projects. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks. November 16 — 30 Mercury is retrograde in Fire sign Sagittarius to move quickly and complete tasks. Use caution to not speak so directly that conflict is created and viewpoints are polarized.

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December 1 — 6 Mercury is retrograde in Water sign Scorpio when emotions come to the surface. There can be new intimacy in relationships. Contact me for your tarot card reading for Pig month, or feng shui consultation to prepare for an abundant Pig year September 28 is a new Moon in Libra.

Air sign Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and partnership, making this an ideal lunar cycle to focus on relationships.

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The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Libra bringing opportunities for balance and harmony with everyone. Venus sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius to lighten up, enjoy life, and be social. New friendships or a romance that begin during this month are fortunate in the long run, and bring out the best in both parties.

Benefits can come through friends, with many occasions to give as well as receive. Libra is ruled by planet Venus, adding a cooperative sense of charm, ease, and generosity. Venus squares Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

For some, it may be over due to reevaluate close relationships. Adjustments can be made to unload and clear the air, then rebuild. There is a sense of fair play, especially in business transactions and legal negotiations. Under the influence of watchful, faithful Dog, honesty and integrity are championed. The element Wood adds gentle strength and fast growth. September 13 is a full Moon in Pisces.

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Water sign Pisces rules the 12th house of spirituality and intuition. The full Moon conjuncts Neptune for deep insights and stronger empathy. The two week waning Moon cycle is an ideal time to release emotional baggage of the past, especially in relationships. Very helpful is that Mercury and Venus enter Libra on September Libra love of harmony and peace brings focus to intimate relationships to find balance, with less need for criticism. People might feel a bit scattered with many mutable planets in the heavens at this time.

The missing mutable Air sign is Gemini, so Geminis in particular could feel overwhelmed. Contact me for guidance with a tarot or astrology consultation. This full Moon marks the peak of Phoenix month, a time for bravery and transformation. August 30 is a new Moon in Virgo.

Earth sign Virgo rules the sixth house of health, work, and service. They all trine Uranus in Taurus that is extremely fortunate! Five Uranus trines can shake things up and bring radical change, sudden luck, and great opportunities. The new ideas and inspiration of Uranus can be made real in Earth signs Virgo and Taurus. This lunar month is the cycle to get the job done, or prepare and lay the foundation for new endeavors. Uranus trine the Sun can bring creative and exciting change.

Uranus trine the new Moon and Venus can bring healing change to your emotional life. A new love interest or friends who are different from the norm truly expand your circle. Personal surroundings can suddenly be refreshed. Uranus trine Mercury is excellent for mental stimulation, with interest to learn new skills and enhance knowledge. Plus this is an very good lunar month for travel. Uranus trine Mars is great for self assertion, physical strength, and the ability to take power and action.